The Weekly Smile: Let it Snow!

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I am dressed as if I’m going on an arctic expedition, and I’m as happy as Larry. Because the first snow of the season is falling, and I’m walking in a winter wonderland.

A badly built snowman!

No pictures of chickens because when I let them out this morning, they took one look at the snow and ran back inside the coop. Wusses!

Our dogs, who came from the same litter, are named after characters from the film The Usual Suspects. Fenster is my baby, and McManus (Mackie to her friends) is daddy’s princess.

That may sound twee, but I don’t care about my sub-Disney anthropomorphic soppiness. Because I love my dogs, and playing in the snow with them has made me smile like an idiot.

A happy snow bunny!

The Weekly Smile: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Welcome to Trent’s The Weekly Smile.
Click HERE for the rules and guiding ideas.

The Husband was chatting with Mr Neighbour this morning – they have made over fifty jars of lutenitsa so far this year. We have made twenty. Our tomato plants are pants.

The toms are good, but productivity is way down. Last season we were picking a couple of buckets a day; this season, we are lucky to get a bucketful every two days.

Mr Neighbour sympathised and invited us in for a commiseratory Rakia. We passed on the booze and had a coffee instead. As we were leaving, Mrs Neighbour insisted we take some of their tomatoes.

We picked enough to make another dozen or so jars of lutenitsa and skipped home happy as pigs in clover.

But that was not the end of our neighbour’s kindness. People have been popping in and dropping off spare tomatoes for us all day.

Thanks to the generosity of the village people (YMCA!), we will have our 50 jars along with a gallon of homemade Brown Sauce.

Our smiles are so wide you can see our tonsils.

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