The Monday Peeve: A Hard Act to Follow

Paula Light hosts The Monday Peeve – an opportunity to let rip and have a good old rant.
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Either I have fat fingers, someone is trying to tell me something, or WordPress is an enormous git.

Odd things are afoot because I apparently keep “unfollowing” people. Every day is turning into a bizarre game of hunt-the-slipper. And after that, a re-follow frenzy of those who were expunged.

This is so annoying. And I can only apologise for freaking any of you out with what must appear to be a creepy, cyberstalking act of gaslighting.

I swear I am being very careful with my chubby little digits, and I’m sure if some of you were trying to tell me something: you’d just do it. So…

WordPress: J’accuse!