Song Lyric Sunday: Rock of Ages

Jim Adams is the host for Song Lyric Sunday. This week’s theme is Rockabilly.

Rockabilly: do I go old-school or revival? And which revival? Not to mention the various offshoots: psychobilly, gothabilly, and for all I know, hip-hop and rapabilly.

After much humming and hawing, I narrowed down my choices to two songs and decided, sod it, I’ll be greedy and use both.

First up is Matchbox, a British band formed in 1971 and still going strong today. And here they are with Midnite Dynamos. This video is from 1980, which explains the flag in the background – please accept apologies in advance for that one.

And now for the Stray Cats, an American group formed in 1979 – also still together! (Although both bands have had line-up changes over the years). Whatever, because here are the Cats with their 1981 single: Rock This Town.