TMP30: Just Another Manic Monday!

Paula Light hosts The Monday Peeve – an opportunity to let rip and have a good old rant. There’s a weekly topic, but you’re free to vent about whatever displeases you.

Clicking on an article only to have it ask me to set up an account before I can read the wretched thing.

Scrolling through someone’s life history just to get to the on-line recipe. Sorry, love, I’m sure your grandmother was an amazing woman, but she’s not my family, and we aren’t friends (virtual or otherwise), so STFU.

Autocorrect – thank you for turning Kind Regards into Kind Retards.

The never-ending cycle of Windows Updates: Do not turn off your computer, do not leave the room, and don’t think of doing anything productive for the next half an hour.

The happy ten minutes faffing about in Settings to disable all the crap the updates re-enabled for me.

Followed by the Blue Screen of Death. Twice.

And this one really made my day…

Forgetting to wash my hands before going to the toilet after chopping hot chillies.