#22 Prima Ballerina

Image source: notable-quotes.com

They auditioned for a role in The Nutcracker
But when Sue got the part, it broke Nelly’s heart
And she had to resist a great urge to smack her

But Nelly, keeping a lid on her rage
Waited for the first night backstage
To wreak her revenge well gauged

At Sue’s grand debut
Nelly’s scissors delivered
And it was ta-ta to Sue’s tutu

Till Death Us Do Part

His dead eyes stared up at her.

She covered his face with a rug and checked her gun.

One bullet left.

Her own fault. But when he appeared in the doorway, something snapped.

Screaming curses and beating him with a handy golf club was gratifying. But the noise woke his new girlfriend along with the dog, leaving her with three to deal with. And thanks to the morphine, her aim was lousy.

If he had stayed with her until the end, this would never have happened.

A spasm of pain racked her body, and she vomited blood.

Time to finish this for good; one more bullet should do the job.