TMP26: Stormy Weather

Paula Light hosts The Monday Peeve  – an opportunity to let rip and have a good old rant. There’s a weekly topic, but you’re free to vent about whatever displeases you.

According to WordPress, I am on a 31 Day Streak (yay!). But if I don’t post something in the next ten minutes, the weather will break my run of daily posts (grrr!).

This should not be something to weep about, but it is peeving me off a treat.

A storm is coming in, the rumbles of thunder are moving ever closer, and the darkening clouds are beautifully lit up with both forked and sheet lightning. Already big ploppy blobs of rain are falling.

Nature at its finest.

Shame the lights in the house are flashing on and off as if a higher power is sending me a Morse code message. I suspect it reads: Batten down the hatches and get the candles out. Because storms and power cuts go together like love and marriage here in rural Bulgaria.

But this will not stop me from reaching Day 32.

And today’s valuable lesson? Like a good boy scout, I should be prepared. Always have a few backup posts scheduled to go.