I is for Insomnolence

Image: Depression by Ekaterina Myroniuk @ saatchiart.com

An attempt to produce a poem or story from now until the end of April (except Sundays).
The theme for the 2022 A to Z Challenge is the human condition.

Sleep, little one, sleep
Let me chase away your demons
For I am the guardian of the night
And with me to protect you
To envelop you and hold you
Sleep will come to you again

Wake, little one, wake
Shake off your chemical slumber
For I am the morning star
And my light will carry you
Guide you, and support you
If you awaken unto me

Depend on us and trust in us
Do not spurn us, but embrace us
For are we not your friends
Our one desire to help you
Think of life without us
And remember it if you can

Discover Prompts: Curve

The descent starts when a black hole appears deep in my core. It fills me with an unbearable ache. I am hollow, and I cannot function.

As I slide down, a numbing hopelessness embraces me, and I weep. Before the tears dry, irrational storms of anger sweep through me. And I vomit wave after wave of hatred.

At the bottom is a barren wasteland where I sink into a mindset so bleak I wonder if I will ever rise again.

The silence is terrifying. A void opens to reveal melancholy and death. All I can do is hold on tight and refuse to let go.

I wallow in this abyss, leaden and lifeless until my mind begins to buzz and itch. Thoughts and images run loose in my head, like maddened hamsters. Their claws click and scratch as they scurry around. The noise intensifies and lifts me up. I concentrate on the ascent. With each painful step, hope grows, and pain recedes.

At the top, I find balance, motivation, and happiness. This state of positivity may not last long because the rollercoaster ride isn’t over. But up or down, I make use of medication, meditation, and therapy to flatten this curve.

I will survive.