Fibbing Friday 4th Mar 2022 – Gone to the Dogs

Frank (PCGuy) and Di (Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday. To join in, write a post with your answers to the 10 questions below and tag it #FibbingFriday. Then link back to Fibbing Friday so others can enjoy the answers and join in too!

1. What kind of dog was Lassie?
A dingo.

2. Who was Toto’s owner?
Rosanna Arquette.

3. What breed of dog was Beethoven?
A German Shepherd.

4. Who was Goofy’s best buddie?
Albert Einstein.

5. How many dogs starred in The Incredible Journey?
One hundred and one.

6. What made Superdog super?
His ability to transform a clean carpet into a midden heap: Then blame the cat.

7. What is meant by Dogma?
This is a special floor covering for use when Superdog pays a call.

8. What is ‘flyball’?
The prequel to Dodgeball.

9. Who introduced ‘WALKIES!’ into their training programmes?
Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

10. What is frontline used for?
Tracking the current position of the Russian border.

The Weekly Smile: Let it Snow!

Welcome to Trent’s The Weekly Smile.
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I am dressed as if I’m going on an arctic expedition, and I’m as happy as Larry. Because the first snow of the season is falling, and I’m walking in a winter wonderland.

A badly built snowman!

No pictures of chickens because when I let them out this morning, they took one look at the snow and ran back inside the coop. Wusses!

Our dogs, who came from the same litter, are named after characters from the film The Usual Suspects. Fenster is my baby, and McManus (Mackie to her friends) is daddy’s princess.

That may sound twee, but I don’t care about my sub-Disney anthropomorphic soppiness. Because I love my dogs, and playing in the snow with them has made me smile like an idiot.

A happy snow bunny!

Three Things Challenge #743 – Best in Show

Welcome to the 3TC hosted by Pensitivity101.
Today’s words are LITTER, PITY, and DREAMS.
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Libby snatched up the phone on the first ring.
“What’s happening?”
“I’ve got good news and bad news,” her husband announced.
“Oh, no,” she wailed. “You’d better tell me everything.”
“Well, we have a litter of four puppies—”
“Is Trixie all right?”
“She’s doing fine. It’s just…”
“For pity’s sake,” Libby bellowed. “What’s gone wrong?”
“Our dreams of breeding a Crufts champion are over.”
“The sire wasn’t Randolph Saxony the third, but the mongrel next door.”

One-Liner Wednesday – So Photogenic

LindaGHill hosts One-Liner Wednesday   
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Dogs seem more photogenic than cats: In photos, most cats look like sociopaths.
Demetri Martin

And this is why, cat lovers…

In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.
Terry Pratchett

And we dog lovers love our mutts because…

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.
Christopher Morley

Fibbing Friday 26th March 2021 – Puppy Playtime

Frank (PCGuy) and Di (Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday. To join in, write a post with your answers to the 10 questions below and tag it “Fibbing Friday” or #FibbingFriday. Then link back to Fibbing Friday so that others can enjoy the answers and join in too!

The rules are simple – truth is not an option, but lies, silliness, and surrealism are.

What is a huskador?
A cigar humidor used in Greenland.

What is a cavapoo?
A small parrot.

What is a chorkie?
The noise made when suppressing an inappropriate laugh.

What is a lollie?
A lazy border collie.

What is a dorkie?
Somewhere between a nerd and a geek.

What is a springador?
A pogo stick.

What is a scottie?
A biscotti that is only baked once.

What is a puggle?
The present an un-housetrained puppy leaves in your slippers.

What is a pekalier?
A metal staircase.

What is a schnappy?
How Sean Connery says the word snappy.