She holds up two dresses. ‘The blue or the red?’

‘You look gorgeous in either,’ he says.

‘I think I’ll wear the green one.’

In the restaurant, she can’t decide between the sirloin steak or the lemon sole.

‘But if I have steak, which sauce do I choose?’

‘Why not try the beef stroganoff?’ he suggests.

‘Good choice, but I fancy chargrilled chicken tonight.’

Later, they pore over the dessert menu.

‘I hate making decisions.’ She looks up. ‘Why are you smiling?’

‘I have a simple question, just answer yes or no. Will you marry me?’


She stares at the evidence, which confirms her suspicions. She will confront him when he comes home from working late again.

He is early. ‘I’ve finished the project. I’ll be home on time from now.’

They eat supper, she washes the dishes, and he reads a story to Amy and Jake.

‘You’re quiet tonight,’ he says, as they climb into bed.

‘I’m tired.’

‘Have a lie-in tomorrow; I’ll cook breakfast, then we can take the kids to the park, and go out for lunch.’ He kisses her and rolls over.

She will wait for the next time.