Q is for Quixotic

Image source: Vorkutlag

An attempt to produce a poem or story from now until the end of April (except Sundays).
The theme for the 2022 A to Z Challenge is the human condition.

“Mr Lambert!” Barlow tore off his cap. “I have a gold watch.”

“Everyone should have something nice.” Lambert winked at him.

“Will it be enough?”

“Oh, this is for me!” Lambert expressed surprise. “Why, thank you!” He removed his leather gloves. and inspected the watch. “This will do the trick.”

“Soon, I will be free from all this pain.” Barlow grinned with relief. “When do I leave?”

“Now.” Lambert stepped back. “Guard, shoot him, please.”

Barlow sank to his knees. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you the release you wanted.”

“I never meant like this.”

“Then you should say what you mean.” Lambert shook his head. “Semantics, dear boy, semantics.”