Fibbing Friday: Birds of a Feather

Di (Pensitivity101) is the host of Fibbing Friday where truth is not an option!
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1.   COOT
A Scottish outer garment usually worn outdoors and in winter.

Stepping in a pile of doggy-doo.

3.   HOBBY
A baby hobbit.

4.   KNOT
When a knave knobbles a knight and knicks his knitted knickers.

5.   RUFF
Goes with the smoove.

6.   SCAUP
Terminal dandruff.

7.   SERIN
Sauron’s twin brother.

8.   SMEW
A cat coughing up a hairball.

9.   SNIPE
An anagram – so much for this page being family-friendly!

10.  TWITE
It gets worse – this is a polite way of saying tw*t.