#22 Prima Ballerina

Image source: notable-quotes.com

They auditioned for a role in The Nutcracker
But when Sue got the part, it broke Nelly’s heart
And she had to resist a great urge to smack her

But Nelly, keeping a lid on her rage
Waited for the first night backstage
To wreak her revenge well gauged

At Sue’s grand debut
Nelly’s scissors delivered
And it was ta-ta to Sue’s tutu

#21 Keeping Body and Soul Together

Image Source: sciencefocus.com

Duncan MacDougall performed some experiments
With dying men wrapped up in their cerements
And the conclusion of this morbid goal
21 grams does weigh the human soul!

#20 Twenty Years Ago Today

Had Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band stuck in my head for the last week, so here’s a letter composed of Beatles song titles…

Dear Prudence

I want to tell you
I should have known better
Don't pass me by
I’ve got a feeling
We can work it out

Oh! Darling
I need you
In my life

Can you take me back?

From me to you


P.S. I Love You