Weekend Writing Prompt #236 – Billie’s Blues

Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt Blue (38 words)

Gardenia in her hair
Silver gown shimmering
The lady sings: Am I Blue?

Sorry, love, you’re black
You can’t sit there
Or use that entrance.

She’s gotta right to sing the blues
But belts out Strange Fruit instead

WDYS: The Key to Her Heart

Image credit: Photomix company @ Pixabay

He comes for his things
But pauses at the door
Forced to ring the bell

My key doesn’t work, he says
I changed the lock, she replies

He gives her a boyish grin
How about a cup of tea?
All right, she says

They sit in the kitchen
He reaches for her hand

I’m sorry I hurt you
Can we try again?
Let me make amends

She sighs, and hope dies
Can I have a biscuit, then?

The tin is slid towards him
They’re all broken, he scowls
She raises her head and smiles

Written in response to Sadje‘s What Do You See #108 photo prompt.

#22 Prima Ballerina

Image source: notable-quotes.com

They auditioned for a role in The Nutcracker
But when Sue got the part, it broke Nelly’s heart
And she had to resist a great urge to smack her

But Nelly, keeping a lid on her rage
Waited for the first night backstage
To wreak her revenge well gauged

At Sue’s grand debut
Nelly’s scissors delivered
And it was ta-ta to Sue’s tutu

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: The Bear Necessities

LindaGHill hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday.
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is boo.
Find a word with the letters boo in it or use boo as is and base your post on it.
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Winnie the Pooh
Went to the loo
But saw a queue

Paddington first, with Baloo
Then Fozzie and Rupert, too
And at the back stood Boo-Boo

Ruddy Yogi, that selfish lummox
Was in there again with Goldilocks!

#21 Keeping Body and Soul Together

Image Source: sciencefocus.com

Duncan MacDougall performed some experiments
With dying men wrapped up in their cerements
And the conclusion of this morbid goal
21 grams does weigh the human soul!