The Saturday Shed: Blowing Hot and Cold

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Tales from the Saturday Shed: The prompt this week is SNOW.
For those with the time or inclination: Feel free to join in!

A curious old woman from Glasgow
Ordered whisky with a dash of Tabasco
She knocked back a shot
Cried by golly that’s hot
And spent the rest of the night eating snow


5 thoughts on “The Saturday Shed: Blowing Hot and Cold

  1. Cool. Good hot shot limerick, but I’d rather they’d eat brioche, although it’s better than eating crow, eating your hat, or eating your words.

    Pens Lost In Digital Snow
        by Douglas Gilbert

    Seals and polar bears swimming.
    Pens of explorers lost.

    Many digital articles on Eskimos
    laughing together
    transcribed from pen works, but
    not much left from
    writings in the snow.

    Ambiguity must be earned, for
    never would one know
    there’s no flower in the snow.

    Returning to the laughing igloo
    he brings home the food and fur
    of a work without a pen

    Spear and club are shrug-ugly
    piercing the seal in blood
    opening the seals of soul, a muddy
    ambiguity of his spirit to live
    to eat, and return to the igloo,
    though now his child has a computer.

    The blessed child is the after-laugh.
    Oh such a giggle rainbow, colors that grow
    in many modal drawings of love,
    in crayons, in finger paints, in ink, in
    the paint of explosive jello
    and the wiggle of love with cosmic pen
    writing in the streak of laughing stars.
    Many articles about stars, ice,
    the noble hunt, and he, the warrior
    may someday look for
    his pen in the snow, when
    he began to take notes for a researcher.

    His child doesn’t need
    a pen or spear anymore
    nor a need to ever return to the igloo.

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