Fibbing Friday: A Whole New Word!

Di (Pensitivity101) is the host of Fibbing Friday where truth is not an option!
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1.   Bumfuzzle
That’s Mr Bumfuzzle to you – he’s a minor character in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

2.   Gardyloo
Where the King’s privy councillors meet.

3.   Taradiddle
This is to folk music as scat is to jazz – both should be avoided.

4.   Snickersnee
Fast-release underpants.

5.   Bumbershoot
When this threatens you will be glad you are wearing a pair of snickersnees.

6.   Snollygoster
A hankie-shredding sneeze.

7.   Brouhaha
The noise a moustache-twirling villain makes before he kills you.

8.   Wabbit
Low-calorie wasabi paste.

9.   Pandiculation
Elocution lessons for pandas.

10. Borborygm
A person who is both incredibly boring and stupid.

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