The Saturday Shed: Far and Away

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Tales from the Saturday Shed: The prompt this week is AWAY.
For those with the time or inclination: Feel free to join in!

I look away from him before he sees the truth in my eyes.
I look away and look back, and the table disappears again.
I look away from the edge, staring at the endless sea, I yearn to join it.
I look away from the road and crash my car.
I look away from the body and am quietly sick.
I look away from Mervin and stare at Shelley: who would have thought?
I look away from the window, there is nothing I can do to help.
I look away from the priest and refuse to take the wafer.
I look away from my desk and realise I am on my own.
I look away from the fire; I don’t like the stories it tells me.

7 thoughts on “The Saturday Shed: Far and Away

  1. Now that is very serious for you. Excellent and very deep I was waiting for the punch line that didn’t come. That is so very clever, you surprised me again. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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