The Saturday Shed: The Socks at the End of the World

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Tales from the Saturday Shed: The prompt this week is COMRADE.
For those with the time or inclination: Feel free to join in!

“We are down to the last pair of socks,” said Boris. “What shall we do?”

“I guess we have to share them, or we could go best out of three – winner takes all.” Ted rummaged in his pockets and bought out a dime. “Toss for it?”

“Only if we use my last rouble.” Boris produced his own coin and slapped it on the table.

“Here we go again,” Ted sighed. “We are probably the last two people left on the planet, and you want to get all upright and commie about money.”

“It was the way I was raised. And I am not a communist: I am a socialist.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“No need to get upset because I won the bed three times in a row,” Boris smiled

“Either way, you have terrible teeth.” Ted grinned, revealing a mouthful of perfect dentistry.

“Fat lot of good those gnashers will do you. All we have is Campbell’s soup left to eat.”

“I should charge you for them,” Ted grumbled.

“Capitalist until the end.” Boris waved Ted into silence. “But I believe we should both embrace communism. Then we won’t argue over who owns what.”

“Fair enough, but can we take turns with the bed? That hammock thing is no good for my back.”

“Agreed. All property is theft, and we pool our resources equally.”

They shook hands and smoked the last two cigarettes.

Later, Boris dragged out his crate of vodka, and Ted stacked the shelves with his tins of soup. After they ate, they unravelled a lady’s cardigan and, using chopsticks, knitted a new pair of socks.


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