Fibbing Friday: Lie School Musical

Di (Pensitivity101) is the host of Fibbing Friday where truth is not an option!
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1. Allegro
A skin disease with a good beat.

2. Pianissimo
A public loo with elevator muzak.

3. Lento
Lemonade that is slowly going flat.

4. Coda
A naughty word for a gentleman’s hosepipe.

5. Forte
Garlic cheesecake.

6. Pizzicato
A public loo for cats.

7. Contralto
It’s all about the bass.

8. Dolce
A type of lettuce

9. Intermezzo
A palate cleanser made from 8 – often found in posh restaurants.

10. Largo
A weight loss programme involving way too much 9.


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