Song Lyric Sunday: Crazy Mormons!

Jim Adams is the host for Song Lyric Sunday. This week’s theme is songs with recognisable intros suggested by Clive from Take It Easy.

The song starts with a wah-wah screech, underpinned by a thumping drum line and then a heavy guitar riff takes the stage. This is hard rock, but not as you know it.

Welcome to the wild world of The Osmonds and their 1972 hit, Crazy Horses, taken from their rock phase. Duh! This is hardcore 70s stuff, so forget their bubble-gum pop and fluffy ballads because this baby kicks ass! To the point, France and South Africa banned the song because of apparent drug references – smokin’ up the sky and horses for heroin.

Get a grip people, these are the Osmonds! A clean-cut band with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But nothing in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Why not? Surely this song merits some form of recognition: Never has kicking out the jams been so wholesome!

There’s a message floatin’ in the air.
Crazy horses ridin’ everywhere.
It’s a warning, it’s in every tongue.
Gotta stop them crazy horses on the run.

What a show, there they go smokin’ up the sky, yeah.
Crazy horses all got riders, and they’re you and I.
Crazy horses

Never stop and they never die.
They just keep on puffin’ how they multiply.
Crazy horses, will they never halt?
If they keep on movin’ then it’s all our fault.

What a show, there they go smokin’ up the sky, yeah.
Crazy horses all got riders, and they’re you and I.

So take a good look around,
See what they’ve done, what they’ve done
They’ve done
They’ve done
They’ve done
They’ve done.

Crazy horses.

Songwriters: Alan Ralph Osmond / Merrill Davis Osmond / Wayne Osmond
© Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music Inc.

20 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Crazy Mormons!

  1. I don’t know that much about the Osmonds, because I never bought Tean Beat or Tiger Beat magazine, but some of my friends had younger sisters who were nuts over them. I actually enjoyed the song Ella, and I am glad I finally got to listen to them.

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