Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Speed Limits

LindaGHill hosts SOCS, today’s prompt is a picture from wherever. Find an image, whether in a magazine, newspaper, or product packaging and write whatever thought or emotion it provokes.

“What an idiot! Just take a look at this,” Dr Croston pointed at the x-ray. “One hip and both legs broken. The silly sod will be in plaster for weeks and physio for months.”

“Could have been worse,” said Nurse Langley. “At least this one will walk again.”

“And breathe,” added Bob, the anaesthetist. “The last one broke his back, crushed his ribs, fractured his skull and was on the ventilator for weeks until we convinced his idiot parents there was no hope.”

“Guess you can’t blame them for that,” said Langley. “But you can blame them for raising thrill-seeking morons instead of normal children.”

“Sad, but true.” Croston adjusted her surgical hat. “No sense of self-preservation in kids today. And no idea how much work and trouble they create when it all goes tits up.”

“Well, at least this one will be a simple in and out job,” Bob said. “We should be done by lunchtime. Then are we all still on for our coasteering session this afternoon?”

“Hell, yeah,” said Langley. “But Sue won’t be joining us for obvious reasons.”

“Poor cow,” said Croston. “But at least her last memory will be getting a ride in a search and rescue helicopter.”

Click the links for more info about tombstoning and coasteering.

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