Three Things Challenge #960 – The Staff of Life

Welcome to The Three Things Challenge hosted by Pensitivity101.
Today’s prompt words are DOUGH, KNEAD, YEAST.

My grandmother was way ahead of Forrest Gump and far more grounded. Life was not a box of chocolates for her. Because, as she said, her family couldn’t afford to buy such things. She was born on April the 26th 1926. The same day as the queen. But, there the similarity ends: no palaces, dazzling gowns or a handsome prince for my Gran. However, say nothing disrespectful about Her Majesty in Granny’s hearing unless you want a clip around the ear. Age has not withered her left hook.

A feisty woman who lost a fiancé in World War Two, a son during The Falklands, and her right breast in 2003: Gran does not suffer fools gladly. That includes Mr Gump. She saw the film for the first time last week. She approved of the movie but declared Forrest a simpleton. And here’s what Grandma said about his famous quote. (Sorry about the language, but when you are within spitting distance of a hundred, social niceties apparently go out of the window).

“Life is like a loaf of bread!” she declared. “You live in need, there’s never enough dough, and you have to find the means to rise above the shite we all wade through.”

And I would just like to say a big thank you to WordPress for a right royal screw up.
You didn’t publish this post as scheduled. Well done!

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