Song Lyric Sunday: Here Comes a Bikini Whale!

Jim Adams is the host for SLS. This week’s theme is beach, surf, swimming suggested by Amy Braun. The song must contain a reference to the prompt in the title or lyrics.

Only one song can do justice to this theme, Rock Lobster by The B-52s. Released as a single in 1979, it made number one in Canada, but didn’t trouble the top 40 in either the UK or the USA. I guess most of the world wasn’t ready for a thrift-shop chic and surf music mash-up.

Apart from John Lennon. This single inspired him to get back into the recording studio after taking a career break to raise his son. Lennon is quoted as saying: “it sounds just like Ono’s music, so I said to myself, ‘it’s time to get out the old axe and wake the wife up!’”

And time now for you to grab your bikini and join the beach party – beehives are optional…

We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a rock
It wasn’t a rock
It was a rock lobster
Rock lobster
Rock lobster
Rock lobster
Rock lobster

Motion in the ocean
His air hose broke
Lots of trouble
Lots of bubble
He was in a jam
S’in a giant clam
Rock rock
Rock lobster
Down, down

Lobster rock
Lobster rock
Let’s rock!

Boy’s in bikinis
Girls in surfboards
Everybody’s rockin’
Everybody’s fruggin’

Twistin’ ’round the fire
Havin’ fun
Bakin’ potatoes
Bakin’ in the sun

Put on your noseguard
Put on the lifeguard
Pass the tanning butter

Here comes a stingray
There goes a manta-ray
In walked a jelly fish
There goes a dog-fish
Chased by a cat-fish
In flew a sea robin
Watch out for that piranha
There goes a narwhal
Here comes a bikini whale!

Rock lobster
Rock lobster
Rock lobster
Rock lobster

Songwriters: Catherine Elizabeth Pierson / Cynthia Leigh Wilson / Frederick William Schneider / Julian Keith Strickland / Rickey Helton Wilson
© Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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