D is for Dissonance

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An attempt to produce a poem or story from now until the end of April (except Sundays)
The theme for the 2022 A to Z Challenge is the human condition.

Snow White’s stepmother couldn’t deny the truth: her mirror made sure of that. Just like mine does. Every day, the lines deepen and spread: trench warfare on my face.

The rest of me is in worse condition, but I hide it from view. Only my doctor and husband get to see my crepey skin with its spreading orange peel bloom of cellulite. Dimples are cute on the faces of small children, not on middle-aged arses.

But my doctor doesn’t notice, and hubby doesn’t care. To him, I’m still the skinny Minnie with wonky teeth who threw up all over him at our graduation ball. I wasn’t even drunk. But that night I discovered I had an allergy to prawns and an affinity for a puke-stained, lanky guy in glasses.

Thirty years later, I look in the mirror and wonder where that goofy face in all its pop-eyed optimism went. The teeth are straight now, thanks to a cycling accident. My lips are thinner, but the right lipstick covers that up. And as for the crow’s feet and the drooping eyelids, they give my ageing wide-eyed grin a shrewd edge. Some might say cynical, but that depends on the circumstances.

And today, I am in professional mode. No makeup with my greying hair pinned back to reveal my wrinkly forehead in all its glory. But, bizarrely enough, the clients prefer my lived-in face to the smooth-skinned visages of the doctors fresh out of med school. And who am I to argue?

As we prep up, the theatre nurse shouts out a regular joke: “Heads or tails?”

“Tails!” cries the anaesthetist.

“It’s heads, you loser!” whoops the nurse. “A nose job, a chin implant and a pair of eyelid lifts,”

I check the chart: the patient is only seventeen.

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