The Weekly Smile: Let it Snow!

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I am dressed as if I’m going on an arctic expedition, and I’m as happy as Larry. Because the first snow of the season is falling, and I’m walking in a winter wonderland.

A badly built snowman!

No pictures of chickens because when I let them out this morning, they took one look at the snow and ran back inside the coop. Wusses!

Our dogs, who came from the same litter, are named after characters from the film The Usual Suspects. Fenster is my baby, and McManus (Mackie to her friends) is daddy’s princess.

That may sound twee, but I don’t care about my sub-Disney anthropomorphic soppiness. Because I love my dogs, and playing in the snow with them has made me smile like an idiot.

A happy snow bunny!

6 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile: Let it Snow!

  1. Nothing quite like the first snowfall of the season and the beauty it brings – all the white covering everything mushy, dull, sloppy, grey – suddenly, magic is alive again! And well, double whoop – dogs tend to absolutely love it, right? At least for a little while 😉

    Glad you embraced the changes (even if the chickens didn’t – can’t say I blame them) – and you had a deliriously wonderful time outside playing. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I too have to wander out and scrape away a bit of snow …. *sigh*

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