The Monday Peeve: A Hard Act to Follow

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Either I have fat fingers, someone is trying to tell me something, or WordPress is an enormous git.

Odd things are afoot because I apparently keep “unfollowing” people. Every day is turning into a bizarre game of hunt-the-slipper. And after that, a re-follow frenzy of those who were expunged.

This is so annoying. And I can only apologise for freaking any of you out with what must appear to be a creepy, cyberstalking act of gaslighting.

I swear I am being very careful with my chubby little digits, and I’m sure if some of you were trying to tell me something: you’d just do it. So…

WordPress: J’accuse!

11 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve: A Hard Act to Follow

  1. Some of us are experiencing problems with likes disappearing, or never appearing at all. They seem to be breaking things fairly often these days. Also, some comments never seem to get posted and the little connection window just never closes.

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