TMP32: And Breathe…

Paula Light hosts The Monday Peeve – an opportunity to let rip and have a good old rant. There’s a weekly topic, but you’re free to vent about whatever displeases you.

I really have been a grumpy old bag today, and here are some of the things that had me tutting like a deranged kangaroo:

🔴 The Your System Detected Some Unusual Activity scam asking me to click on pictures of bicycles while hackers steal all my data.

🔴 Chain messages.

🔴 Unruly children: parks are for screaming, wrestling and playing, not supermarkets.

🔴 People who answer their mobiles (cells) on speakerphone.

🔴 Wet handles on toilet doors.

🔴 People who throw rubbish from moving cars.

🔴 Making a soothing cup of cocoa only to find you put salt in it rather than sugar.

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7 thoughts on “TMP32: And Breathe…

  1. Ok, I’ll fess up…I do use speaker phone a lot. but only because i get cramps holding the damn phone to my ear on long conversations…that and the phone won’t fit under my tin foil hat.

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  2. Wet toilet door handles are still better than wet sticky door handles though … no? You never know why they are wet and sticky …. Usually wet toilet door handles are from those who haven’t dried their hands, but sometimes it’s not that .. but mostly it is. But wet and sticky, mm hahahaha!!

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