One Night Stunned

“You wanna drink, little lady?”
As she turned to reject his advances, her homely face lit up with a smiling welcome. Woah, but this guy was sexy as hell.
“How about a Slow Comfortable Screw?” she said, giving him her best Lauren Bacall look. “Or Sex on the Beach?”
“You bodacious little strumpet!” He laughed and lifted her hand to his lips.
Hot breath sent her erogenous zones into overdrive.
“Grab your coat,” she gasped. “You’ve pulled.”
Twenty minutes later, she was pregnant.
Shame he furnished her with a fake phone number.

Written using these daily prompts:
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (pregnant)

Ragtag Daily Prompt (erogenous)
Three Things Challenge (homely, welcome, smiling)
Word of the Day Challenge (furnish)
Your Daily Word Prompt (bodacious)

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