The Weekly Smile: Unplugging the Matrix (Part 2)

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My internet holiday, for all its grrr-factor, has put a smile on my face. When the initial rage-against-the-machine moment died down, I found it quite liberating not to be beholden to the siren song of social media.

Crikey, productivity shot through the roof and I (gasp) wrote stuff rather than faffing about pretending to write. No getting in a tizzy because I used the same word twice in one sentence. Or spending hours researching the colour of the wheel trim on a 1972 Ford Escort. This always leads to me following a bizarre train of thought that ends with an interesting article about Brazilian nose flutes.

Then there’s my inner editor who loves to interrupt my flow by pointing out every single error and anachronism. But not being able to constantly check every fussy little detail right now meant I could get on with the writing. I didn’t care how many digital watches appeared in 1927. And as for spelling mistakes, split infinitives and dangling participles, I told the Grammar Police to bog off and do one.

I’d forgotten to let go and write, but now there’s a new sheriff in town, and he/she/it is not taking any crap. With the help of a natty little app called StayFocused, I’m reducing the time spent online and using it to be a tad more constructive.

The time to research Brazilian nose flutes and tidy up clunky prose is after the ruddy thing is written. Not during. A lesson I used to know, but somewhere along the line, I forgot it. Until my internet holiday. And thanks to that I have rediscovered the joy of uninterrupted writing.

I am grinning like a loon whilst typing this as I merrily ignore all the squiggly lines under the text. Because this is not the moment to worry about finding the perfect word, but to just sit back and let those creative juices flow!

5 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile: Unplugging the Matrix (Part 2)

  1. I’ve tried to cut back social media, but need to do it even more. Glad you got in a writing streak. I know that letting words flow and just writing,saving the editing for later, is always best, but it is so easy to get sucked down that wormhole of looking up Brazilian nose flutes, hitting the Amazon Basin, then over to deforestation to logging to logging in the northwest US to spotted owls to… Oops. Have a great week and happy writing 🙂

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