The Key to the Magic Kingdom

“I know how much you were looking forward to it, darling, but I’m afraid we won’t be going to Disneyland this year.”

“But you promised, Mummy.” Tina pouted and stamped her feet.

“No tantrums, please, and you mustn’t be selfish.” Her mother gathered Tina up in a hug. “Besides, Tommy will need the money for a special wheelchair after his operation.”

“Can we go next year?”

“That depends on your little brother.”

“It’s always about him.” Tina pushed her mother away and stormed off into the garden, where she threw rocks at the birds until she felt better.

She thought of Tommy: A lifeless blob, with a tube up his nose, and a bag of wee hanging under his bed. Why did mummy and daddy bother with him? He was a useless, smelly lump who always ruined her fun.

Maybe next time she should hold the pillow down for longer.

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