Song Lyric Sunday: Take Cover

The prompt for Song Lyric Sunday from Jim Adams is compare and contrast
Select two songs and discuss some type of relevant association between them.

Compare and contrast, along with discuss and debate are phrases guaranteed to give me flashbacks to the days I sweated blood churning out essays at school and college.

And in keeping with my slapdash approach to deadlines – no clues for guessing who would hand in pieces of work with minutes to spare – I am late to the party again. This is fitting because the word party will feature quite strongly. But I digress – much like my essays of old.

Today I am going to compare cover versions. One pick kicks the original into a cocked hat, in my humble opinion. And the other – those responsible should be forced to atone for their sins until the sun explodes and kills us all.

So turn your paper over: Let’s compare and contrast Get This Party Started.

I like Pink’s version but I love Shirley Bassey’s take on it in all its overblown splendour. Pink belts out a super pop song, but Dame Shirley…woo-hoo!

Alex Macpherson from The Guardian sums up my feelings a treat:

"Bassey is the only singer alive who could take the bouncing, enthusiastic R&B of the original Get the Party Started and turn it into a grand, imperious swoop worthy of a Bond theme; it's a terrific cover version."

Here are the vids. Pink’s is fun and bright, but Shirl rocks the house singing live at Glastonbury. I defy anyone not to laugh along with Shirley at 1:05 minutes.

Now for your second paper. Are you ready to debate and discuss (or disgust in my case) Boyzone versus the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens?

In 1995, they had the temerity to cover Father and Son. This song and I quote Wikipedia here:

“frames a heart-breaking exchange between a father not understanding a son's desire to break away and shape a new life, and the son who cannot really explain himself but knows that it is time for him to seek his own destiny.”

Cat Stevens – 10 out of 10 for his stripped-back playing and the emotion that pours out of him.

Boyzone – busted down to first grade for producing a ghastly power ballad that rips the heart and guts out of the original.

Don’t even get me started on their video – apart from staring moodily into the camera (are they all constipated?) what is with the shiny white suits and glowing hands?

First up is an advert for hair gel masquerading as a pop video. And then some real music…

4 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Take Cover

  1. Ella, I love your writing, especially how you described how one “kicks the original into a cocked hat” and saying that those “responsible should be forced to atone for their sins until the sun explodes and kills us all.” Pink is punk and everyplace she goes becomes a party, but Shirley puts everything into everything that she sings. I don’t know much about Boyzone, but I don’t plan on listening to them any time soon. It is hard to beat a Cat Stevens song. Nice music choices today.

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  2. I love P!nk and all the music she has done since her debut in 1999 But Shirley just did a fantastic job with her job! She got style and badass.

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