Fibbing Friday 19th March 2021 – Tax Deductible

Frank (PCGuy) and Di (Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday. To join in, write a post with your answers to the 10 questions below and tag it “Fibbing Friday” or #FibbingFriday. Then link back to Fibbing Friday so that others can enjoy the answers and join in too!

The rules are simple – truth is not an option, but lies, silliness, and surrealism are.

What does the acronym FDIC stand for?
Financial Discrepancy Inspection Chamber

What’s the difference between APR and APY?
The first will eat your pension and the second will have your house.

What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union?
Only one of these sings The Red Flag at general meetings.

What exactly is a CPA?
Cardio Pulmonary Annihilation happens when you receive an unexpected tax bill.

What’s so important about April 15th in the United States?
Christmas related items first appear in shops.

In the United States, what function does the IRS serve?
Money laundering.

What is a Foreign Exchange Rate?
A list that monitors arrivals and departures at airports – they have quotas and targets to meet.

What is the S & P Index?
A pyramid scheme.

What’s the difference between a bull market and a bear market?
One is full of sh*te and the other is for naked shopping.

What is the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA?
Nothing, they are both terrorist groups.

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