Fibbing Friday – 12th March 2021

Frank (PCGuy) and Di (Pensitivity101) alternate as hosts for Fibbing Friday. To join in, write a post with your answers to the 10 questions below and tag it “Fibbing Friday” or #FibbingFriday. Then link back to Fibbing Friday so that others can enjoy the answers and join in too!

The rules are simple – truth is not an option, but lies, silliness, and surrealism are.

Who, or what, is will o’ the wisp?
An Irish pub on the Kilburn High Road

What is a noggin?
Kissing without tongues

What is a bobbin?
A measure of alcohol guaranteed to make the room spin

What are otherwise known as crow’s feet?

What is jerky?
A cross between a jaybird and a turkey

What is aplomb?
The bubble inside a spirit level

What is a caricature?
An Italian dry-cured ham

What is a misdemeanour?
A Catholic prayer

What’s the difference between a blimp and a blip?
About 3 points in Scrabble™

What is an arctic roll?
A walrus sandwich

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