Song Lyric Sunday: Parental Guidance

This week’s prompt for Song Lyric Sunday from Jim Adams is PG – title of the song must start with the letter P or G.

So here is my choice: Painting the Clouds with Sunshine. My favourite take on this song is the 1929 version by Jack Hylton and His Orchestra with vocals by Sam Browne.

No parental guidance needed for this song – the lyrics are clean, although sad, but the tune is one of bouncy joy. At two and a half minutes in, I just want to tap dance my cares away.

The song was written for the 1929 musical movie Gold Diggers of Broadway. The film is classed as partially lost, but check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO at 5.33 minutes for an exuberant rendition in all its Technicolor glory.

When I pretend I’m gay
I never feel that way
I’m only painting the clouds with sunshine

When I hold back a tear
To make a smile appear
I’m only painting the clouds with sunshine

Painting the blue, beautiful hues,
Coloured with gold and old rose
Playing the clown,
Trying to drown all of my woes

Though things may not look bright
They all turn out all right
If I keep painting the clouds with sunshine.

Songwriters: Joseph A Burke & Al Dubin
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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