Book Review: Year of the Chick by Romi Moondi

Book one in a series of three

YEAR OF THE CHICK is a rom-com about a Canadian-Indian woman, Romi. She has a year to find a man before her parents set her up in an arranged marriage.

I was looking forward to reading this book, expecting a humorous insight into how you balance a traditional Indian upbringing with modern (Western) life. Instead, I discovered a lead character who moans about her life, family and job, constantly.

She calls other women, including her friends, sluts and dismisses most men who cross her path as losers. I don’t wonder why she doesn’t have a boyfriend; I wonder why she has any friends at all.

Despite this, the book abounds with comedy, much of it on the snarky end of the scale, but is light on romance. And most of that appears to be in Romi’s head, especially her cyber-stalker infatuation with James.

The ending, for me, was disappointing: Romi didn’t grow as a character or make any significant changes to her life. I guess the next book will address all the unresolved plot lines.

In conclusion, I found Year of the Chick to be a great idea, with a quirky style, but lacking in substance.